C-VERSO’s platform will be fundamental to developing future physical exhibitions; the aim will create dialogues between generative art and post-war artists who worked with programmed, kinetic and randomized art in the last 60 years.

The first event of this project will be from 12 to 15 May, in fact, Cortesi Gallery will present a curatorial exhibition at ArteFiera Bologna, a major Italian Artfair. The desire is to present NFT artists of Generative Art, including Stefano Contiero, Ben Kovach and Jeff ippsketch. In the exhibition there will be physical prints of the generative artworks minted on Tezos and a generative art drop displayed on a digital screen where visitors can interact with the art before deciding to minting It.

Every NFT will be minted o cverso.io, a new curated generative art platform that will serve the gallery during physical exhibitions.

Together with these three great young artists, there will be exhibited artworks by herman de vries. This artist can be considered a pioneer of the approach to random mathematical and statistical formulas within art. As early as 1962, he began experimenting with creating his works by following a statistical table with which he decided the pattern of the positioning of elements on the work in a random manner.

​There is a strong dialogue between the works of herman de vries and those of these generative art artists, who, thanks to technological progress, have a wide selection of tools to create their art by delineating the range of various parameters to achieve the aesthetic result they prefer.

These parameters, chosen by the artist, generate a series of works with similarities but different from each other with extremely gratifying aesthetic results. Any programmer would never be able to write such codes to create works of art of this level; they are artists and only then programmers. Codes and the ability to program are the artist’s tools, just as a chisel or a paintbrush might be.

Following ArteFiera Bologna, Cortesi Gallery will present the same exhibition concept in other important art fairs and gallery spaces with different artists and NFTs on cverso.io.

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