Chiara Dynys: Broken views


21 February – 30 April 2018

Opening: 21 February, 6PM - 8.30PM

Installation view Chiara Dynys. Broken views, Cortesi Gallery Lugano, 2018

An important step in the complex path of the artist, which in this exhibition reaffirms the idea of the difficulty of “looking” and at the same time of the need to do it, as a metaphor of the interpretation of the world.

Through three cycles of visually very different works, is recomposed the sense of perceiving the world as a difficult task, but all this is covered with a form that is so geometrically elegant, so bizarre in images as it is conceptual.

For the first time, the works of the “Liseberg” cycle are exhibited – given the name of a Scandinavian amusement park, which is taken in the sad winter closing time -, numerous colored resin “books” with precise antinomies carved on the open pages, and shining boxes in glass and mirror with geometric chromatic inlays (“Look at you”): each work in its own way leads back to the basic assumption – the difficulty of looking – after completely different visual and mental processes, but the result is the same, as a complex mathematical argument that can be resolved through different demonstration paths. Everywhere, in the works of Dynys, something prevents us from looking, and at the same time it pushes us to do it: the image disappears and reappears in a lenticular element, or the words contradict themselves or, again the mirror is partially blurred or cancelled.

In being in front of such different expressive possibilities, as in these three cycles of work, the spectator is thus confronted with the possibility of choosing his way of looking at the world – who loves the image, who the harmony, who the thought … – without prejudice to the fact that he “must” choose and must then “overcome the difficulty” of looking, as someone overcomes an experiential test, of personal formation, of ethical and aesthetical completeness.


Cortesi Gallery Lugano
Via Nassa 62
6900 Lugano – CH
+41 91 92 14 000

Logistics and Operations Director:
Federica Rigitano


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