Cortesi Gallery 10 Years

Milano | Via Morigi 8

10 November 2023 - 28 February 2024

from Monday to Friday 10 am - 6 pm

Installation view, Cortesi Gallery 10 Years, Milan, 2023 - 2024, ph. Fabio Mantegna

Cortesi Gallery is pleased to announce its latest project: Cortesi Gallery 10 Years, a retrospective accompanied by a catalogue published by Skira, which aims to celebrate and retrace the remarkable ten-year journey of the gallery presenting works by some of the most influential artists with whom it has had the privilege to collaborate.


Cortesi Gallery 10 Years intends to enclose a decade of artistic exploration, highlighting the crucial movements that have shaped the art world.

The exhibition presents artists such as Alighiero Boetti (1940-1994) from the Arte Povera movement and Enrico Castellani and Agostino Bonalumi, prominent figures of Milanese Spatialism. The exhibition also pays tribute to Pietro Consagra and Piero Dorazio, pioneers of Roman abstractionism, and to Heinz Mack and herman de vires, fundamental members of the ZERO movement, without forgetting Arnaldo Pomodoro, a leading figure of contemporary art, and Giuseppe Santomaso, exponent of the Informal Art of Venetian inspiration.

Alongside these masters, some contemporary artists the gallery has promoted are presented: Francesco Carozza, Chiara Dynys, Maurizio Donzelli, Tiziana Lorenzelli and Lucrezia Roda.


To crown the exhibition, Cortesi Gallery is proud to present a rich catalogue, with an introductory essay by Marco Meneguzzo. This publication, which includes an interview with the founders, Stefano and Andrea Cortesi, highlights the path of formation and growth of this beautiful “enterprise”, which in this context, as Meneguzzo specifics, is the bearer of the dual meaning of “profitable activity” and “exceptional act”.


The project provides an exciting narrative of the adventure of Cortesi Gallery, offering visitors and readers a deeper understanding of its significant contributions to the contemporary art landscape.

Despite the innovations made over the years, novelties that Marco Meneguzzo has wisely illustrated in his essay In These first ten years, Cortesi Gallery has remained faithful to its exhibition program that reflects the experience of the gallery, presenting essential exhibitions dedicated to the artists of the group ZERO, New Tendencies, Optical Art, Conceptual and Minimal Art. To enrich the artistic offer and to complement the great exhibitions dedicated to Italian and international masters of the ‘900, the gallery specifies its commitment to the contemporary, presenting works by emerging artists with whom it works.

Cortesi Gallery 10 Years wants to encapsulate the highlights of the exhibitions organized by Cortesi Gallery during these first ten years of activity. The process of realization of the show and the book has allowed remembering, in addition to the extraordinary works that have passed through the spaces of the gallery, also the precious ties that have been established and that still revolve around the reality of Cortesi Gallery.

In addition, the exhibitions were accompanied by scientific publications edited by leading Italian experts of the period, which gave rise to new reflections, reshaping the pre-existing perspectives that date back to decades gone by. It is undeniably this last aspect – a lasting and historical-scientific testimony of the work done – that contributes to consolidating the solid image of the gallery in the near future.


Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in a complete journey through significant artistic movements that have left an indelible mark on contemporary art.

It is with pleasure and pride that the gallery presents works of the highest level to visitors, but even more to its collectors and friends. Masterpieces testify once again how the work done by Cortesi Gallery is highly devoted to the support and collaboration with professionals in the field outside the gallery and how the art world is an ecosystem based on beauty and cooperation.

Cortesi Gallery Milan

Via Morigi 8

20123 Milano – IT

+39 02 36 517 547


Gallery Director

Camilla Romeo


Gallery Assistant

Barbara D'Incà


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